Social Video Spark Review

Facebook remains the most accessed social networking site in this era. And Facebook marketing can significantly add to your business. Social Video Spark is powerful software that is designed to build up the efficient and easy to use Facebook video marketing, lead generation and engagement as well. This Social Video Spark Review helps you to learn more how to use the most of it. It is a platform that has been created by a team of professionals who wanted to help the customer on the basis of the customers’ feedback, measured viewer response. It is often considered as the fusion of the revolutionary social video action system and advanced marketing cloud technology.


  • It is the only video marketing software that allows auto plays on mobile. The 65% of the Facebook video streaming happens while the user scroll on the timeline. This is the only way to boost the video reach on mobile to generate mobile traffic, leads and sales.
  • This app allows bridging the periscope and YouTube CC by licensed viral videos to Facebook with automatic branding and call to action.
  • This is the only video marketing software that works seamlessly with the native video player of the Facebook. It helps you to capture 100% of your viral shares.


  • You can improve the traffic to your website by generating even more leads and hence making more sales.
  • You can work directly with the Facebook’s native video player.
  • You can bridge your Periscope and YouTube CC.
  • Autoplays on MOBILE!
  • Avoid FB Security Check to avoid massive drop of share traffic.
  • Never Run Out Of Exciting Videos To Share
  • Easily and Quickly Attach a Trackable Call to Action To Every Video You Post on FB
  • Works Seamlessly With FB’s Post Scheduling System!
  • GREAT LIBRARY of Professional and Ready to Go Video Templates For You To Use!
  • Full Stats and Tracking For All Video Posts!
  • Immediately and easily Post Any Video to Multiple Pages, Profiles and Groups Complete With a Call to Action at the End!



There are no as such cons found with the software. With the inbuilt comprehensive catalogue, the software exposes you to the wide range of templates, backgrounds and objects that can be used professionally to improve the quality of the film.


This Social Video Spark Review helps you to know what you can exactly do with this software. By appealing the well planned and basic interface of this software, through its range of menus, one is able to accomplish a high definition and quality video. This video is very fundamental when it comes to online promotion since it will help in gaining more followers, translating to the supremacy of majority who can be used in commercial. With Social Video Spark, you’ll be able to monetize any (viral) video and post/publish it to numerous Groups, Pages and Profiles on Facebook with just one click. You can easily add intros, branding, outros and call to action to your videos. And you are using Facebook’s in-line Video Player consequential in more views and meeting than posting videos directly from other platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

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